Lifeless Senior Dog Kept Outside In Cold, Rather Than Enjoying Last Days With Family

In 2 hours, Kesto was well enough to go to a foster A senior dog was left outside in the rain by his family, instead of being inside to enjoy his golden years with a family. He was so hangry, and his joints ached.

The dog was lifeless when a group of rescuers arrived for help. They thought he had died, and started crying for, that’s when a rescuer of them realized that the senior dog was still alive!

Despite his bad situation, the dog fought to hold on. The dog was taken to be medically treated from his family, who did not even want to say goodbye to him! The dog, that was named Kesto, had spent his years with a family who never cared for him, but now it is the time for him to know what love means.

At the vet, they knew that the dog, who was not aggressive at all, was about 15 years old. The dog was treated with warm saline as he suffered from a big tumor in his stomach and he had hypothermic.

home! That’s when he was taken by a woman rescuer, who could not wait to take him home as she already had a soft spot for senior dogs in her home.

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