Puppy Abandoned On Country Road Waited Days For Family To Come Back For Him

Lost in rural Oklahoma, Oakley dawdled around an intersection, perhaps hoping someone would drive by and notice him.

The pup had been left there alone with two other dogs. For over a week, the lost pets wandered the countryside, waiting for the people who abandoned them there to return. Without shelter, the dogs slept in a tin tube under the road.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan spotted the black Lab mix and his friends and alerted animal rescuer Alysse Matlock, who headed over as fast as she could.

Matlock was sad when she saw how the dog was faring.

“He was in pretty rough shape, which broke my heart,” Matlock told The Dodo.

Oakley was the first of the three to be rescued. The other two were caught soon after, and brought to foster homes where they could recover.

Matlock took Oakley back to her home, where he immediately relaxed. Soon his warm personality was on display. Moved by Oakley’s speedy affection, Matlock was furious that someone left him all alone.

“He is such a sweet, smart dog that lives to please people,” Matlock said. “It angered me that people could be so cruel.”

Matlock made a video about Oakley’s rescue, which you can watch here:

Matlock gave Oakley a bath and arranged his medical care. She got in touch with Safe Haven Animal Rescue, which generously offered to cover Oakley’s medical expenses while Matlock fostered him.

In a few short months, Oakley’s skin and eye conditions had greatly improved. He was still loving life in foster care — he especially enjoyed lunch and dinner — but it was time for him to find a permanent home.

Matlock knew Oakley would be adopted in no time.

“He was such an easy dog,” Matlock said. “[He] got along with everyone and anyone from the very beginning!”

After seeing Matlock’s Instagram video about Oakley, one family was particularly moved by the dog’s inspiring story. They knew they had to meet him. The family contacted Matlock and arranged a meeting. It wasn’t long before they realized Oakley was the dog they’d been searching for.

“They drove all the way from Minnesota to pick him up,” Matlock said. “He’s been a perfect fit ever since.”

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