Roadside puppy refuses to abandon dead buddy, cries for help in the rain & finally gets rescued

On a rainy evening (Oct. 25) in Sichuan, China, a man known as Xiong spotted two puppies by the roadside.

He got down from his car, and he heard one of them crying out, while the other lying still on the ground.

Upon closer inspection, Xiong realised that the still puppy was breathing its last. However, overseas media reported it as already dead.

Moved by the sight, Xiong retrieved an apron and wrapped it around the puppy that was crying.

He also noticed that the puppy was wet from the rain, and eventually brought it home.

Due to his circumstances, however, the rescuer is unable to adopt the puppy, but has since put up an appeal.

According to ET Today, the puppy’s plight has since gone viral, with many users expressing their sympathy and even offering to adopt it.

A feature video on the incident shows the “rescued dog” being fed.

But the “rescued dog” appears to be weak and non responsive.

You can watch the video here:

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