Hours After The Loving Dog Died, A Grieving Woman Sees His Face In The Clouds!

Animals are only one aspect of pets. They are family to us and are like our closest friends.

If our dogs ever left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge, a grassy area where animals wait for people to meld with them so they can enter Heaven together, it would be heartbreaking. We all hope the animal is content there!
We all wish for the best, but it’s never easy to say good-bye!

York, England native Lucy Ledgeway is a 19-year-old female. She and her dog Sunny have shared a great deal of memories together, thus the loss of her cherished pet seemed to [dev.asta.te] her. Her Jack Russell Terrier, Sunny, walked away during a seizure.

After Sunny’s passing, Lucy went outside with her boyfriend to catch some fresh air and unwind. They passed the spot where Sunny, Lucy’s dog, used to go for walks. She wanted to feel her dog’s presence, so she got out of the car.

She gazed up at the sky for a sign that her puppy was alright and thought about Sunny. The face of her dog was visible in the sky, too!

The little child started crying as soon as she spotted her dead dog’s face in the sky!

Maybe Sunny was trying to let them know that she was okay and in a better place.

When she recognizes her dog’s face in the sky, she feels happy. I pray that all the deceased animals are secure in heaven.

The best goodbyes and worst hellos are with your furry friends. God wants you to know that your adorable pet is with him in Heaven, where he is joyfully anticipating your arrival whenever that may be.
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