Hairless Stray Gets A Second Chance And Transforms Into A Beautiful Fluffy Pup

I’m sure that you have heard somewhere how a little bit of love can change the world, or someone’s life… for that matter.

Well, the smile of this beautiful pup is all the proof you need.

Pinocchio was once a sad and extremely sick puppy that craved affection. But, he was just a poor stray that no one wanted.

People just so ruthlessly rejected him and left him to die. He was found curled up on the ground and so skinny… to the point that you could see all of his bones.

The fact that someone could do this to an innocent little puppy is still beyond my comprehension.

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

abandoned hairless dog

When rescuers found Pinocchio, he was a skinny boy curled up on the open ground. He was so sick that he didn’t even have any strength to stand up.

Surrounded by trash and all kinds of stuff, he just looked at everyone with sad little eyes. They could see that he did not have any faith left in people.

Dozens of people passed by every day, but no one stopped even for a second to think about helping this poor little guy.

“He didn’t want to eat, and he was in so much pain. He had bruises all over his body as if he had been mauled by big dogs.”

Pinocchio was just a tiny, battered body… a skeleton with mange. He also had ticks, fleas, and scabies. His skinny tail was almost stuck to his legs.

poor hairless dog

Overall, he was an extremely sad sight — one that simply breaks your heart.

This sad and depressed pup had lost all his faith in humanity that he didn’t even believe that someone was there to save him.

But, there are still good people in this world. Thanks to the famous animal rescuer, Danu Colombo, Pinocchio is a completely different pup now.

happy dog outdoor

He was a strong boy, and thankfully, with a bit of help and love, his condition improved significantly each day.

After 30 days of living in normal circumstances and with loving people, this boy is unrecognizable.

“Pinocchio is transforming each day. He has gradually become a handsome prince.”

His smile has returned to his face, and his fur has grown back. Now, he is a beautiful fluffy prince with the most captivating eyes ever. Who can resist those eyes?

beautiful dog with different eye color

Pinocchio is approximately two years old and of medium size. He loves to play and receive all the pets and cuddles he can.

He is pure love, sweetness, and joy. This boy has suffered a lot in the past, but now he deserves to have a loving furever family.

He is real proof of what can be achieved when you give someone just a little bit of love.

For some, saving one dog’s life might not seem much, but for that furry creature, it was everything. It completely changes their life. Never forget that.

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