Cameron Diaz’s Newborn’s Name Sparks Discussion: ’The Name Will Cause Him Problems at School

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden’s announcement of their second child, Cardinal, has sparked a fiery debate among fans and social media users over their choice of name. Some believe the name would cause trouble one day.

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz recently made headlines not for her roles on the silver screen but for a significant personal milestone. Alongside her husband, Benji Madden, she welcomed their second child into the world, sharing the joyous news with her fans via Instagram and revealing the unique name they had given him.
While the post was flooded with congratulatory messages and well-wishes, it also attracted scrutiny and controversy. Social media users and fans alike dove into discussions, with opinions on the name Cardinal Madden varying widely.

Among the comments, a noticeable number did not favor the chosen name. Some expressed concern, writing, “The name will cause him problems in school” and”Seriously !!! [sic] Some parents should be fined yearly for giving such terrible names to their kids. At school he’ll be ‘Birdy’ or worse, poor kid. What’s the name of her first, dare I ask???”

Critiques continued, with one user commenting, “I love Cardinals ,,, but don’t think I would have my child …. Jms Oooh well, it is what it is… poor baby,, kids can be cruel [sic].” “Kids in Hollywood are used to odd names,” another noted.

The sentiment was echoed by others, stating, “I’m sorry, but that poor kid has to deal with that name in school, and kids can be cruel” and “I don’t know why parents do this. They do it to the poor children. They don’t even think of the kids. They’re only thinking of themselves… I’m sure he’ll change the name.”
However, amidst the criticism, positive comments surfaced, including, “Congratulations lovely creative name,” and “Congrats! Cardinal is a sweet name.”

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