People Share the Best Personal Examples of Petty Revenge from Their Lives

In a captivating call to the Reddit community, users were invited to unveil their most ingenious revenge plots. The response was a deluge of confessions, ranging from tales brimming with youthful pranks to sophisticated strategies fueled by a sharp wit.

Many people have experienced bullying at some point in their lives, some from older siblings, some from high school bullies, and others from strangers in line at the grocery store. However, not everyone gets revenge. These are the stories of four people who did.

The Case of the Fabricated Spanish Dialogue

One story comes from a high school language teacher. The commenter shared that their mother was a high school Spanish teacher. One day she called her daughter upset because a group of boys in her class had lied about an assignment.

The teacher said that she had assigned the class group work on team dialogue. One group of boys decided not to do the project and to pretend as if they had. When she called them up to present their project, they told her they already had and that she must not have taken notes. The teacher knew she hadn’t received their project, but had no way of proving it.

However, bolstered by the honesty of another student who told the teacher that the boys wanted to make her look inept, she devised a plan not just to uncover the truth but to teach a memorable lesson in accountability. The teacher practiced yoga often and during a meditation, the idea for revenge came to her.

The teacher returned to school and told the boys she had found her notes on their project and apologized profusely for having accused them of not presenting their dialogue. She then read the notes aloud, saying that their grammar was terrible, they didn’t use the necessary vocabulary, and their dialogue piece was too short.

By critiquing a presentation that never happened, she managed to fail the dishonest students on their project. The boys couldn’t argue with her about it without admitting that they had lied about the assignment to begin with.

The Supermarket Checkout Coup
In the early ’90s, before barcode scanners, tellers had to input every item manually. One day, a shopper found themselves cut in line by an impatient woman with a full cart, claiming she was in a hurry.

The shopper was shocked by the woman’s bad manners. However, as they had only one thing, they thought nothing of it as they stood in line and waited for all of her items to be scanned and paid for.

The cashier, witnessing this rudeness, knew that they had to do something. When the shopper finally reached the teller and handed over the soda, the teller quipped, “You’re good. I put your soda on her tag.”

The Fishy Retaliation
A tale of youthful revenge involves two friends, a bullying older brother, and a dead carp. The boys, who were only thirteen at the time, hatched a plan to get one friend’s older brother back for his nasty behavior.

A boy and his friend had gone fishing when they were 13 at a creek in their area. Before long, the boy’s friend’s brother arrived and began sabotaging their fishing by throwing rocks into the water to scare away the fish and then throwing the boy’s friend’s bicycle in the water too.

The boy felt terrible for his friend and retrieved the bicycle, promising that they would get his brother back for everything he had done. Weeks later, after another fishing trip, they placed a carp in the bully’s car, resulting in an unforgettable stench and a visual spectacle of a window full of flies.

When the boy’s brother saw what he had done, he punched him in the face, which led to the boys’ mother grounding the older brother and saying that the younger brother would never do any such thing.

The Spicy Sandwich Sabotage
An eighth grader, tired of having his sandwiches stolen during study hall, decided to fight back. A young boy who took two sandwiches to school every day, one to eat during lunch and one to eat during study hall, found that there was a boy in his study hall eating the second sandwich before he got the chance.

The first time it happened, the boy had left his sandwich on the desk and gone out of the room. When he returned, the boy sitting in front of him was eating his sandwich. When the boy asked the sandwich thief about it, he denied it.

The next day, the boy decided to conduct an experiment. He left the sandwich on his desk and left the room again. Sure enough, when he returned the sandwich was being eaten by the boy in front of him. He then hatched his revenge plot.

By loading a sandwich with habanero cheese and ghost pepper sauce, he set a trap for the unsuspecting thief. He once again left it on the table and took the hall pass out of the room with him.

This time, he walked around the school for ten minutes before returning to the class so there was no hall pass available to the sandwich thief, who was crying in pain when he arrived back at the classroom. The incident resulted in the sandwich thief spending the rest of the day in the bathroom.

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