2 puppies fall into pit with a cobra – 48 hours later animal heroes are shocked

India is a country with an extreme amount of street dogs, which can at times create a lot of problems.

Like the story of these two adorable puppies for example, who were separated from their mother and fell down a deep pit.

A pit so deep that their mother was unable to help them back out.

But that wasn’t their only problem, you see, they weren’t alone in the pit.

There just happened to be a large and deadly king-cobra down there with them.

Like a movie

Sometimes things happen which you thought you’d only see in movies.

I think these rescue workers from India experienced just that on this particular day.

One single bite and these puppies’ lives would have been over — the king cobra is so poisonous that it can even kill an elephant.

To make matters worse, the pit these poor puppies fell into was very muddy so there was a constant risk that they would get stuck.

Fortunately, puppies aren’t really among the things cobras like to eat but people still were worried about their lives.

Friendly Cobra

The snake however didn’t seem to want to hurt the puppies — quite the contrary.

The cobra was in fact watching over them and making sure the little dogs didn’t walk over to the other more dangerous side of the well.

For 48 hours the puppies stayed in the same spot of the well together with the cobra.

When the authorities finally arrived to save pups, it turned out to be easier than they had imagined. The cobra politely moved so that the rescue team could pick the puppies up without any problems.

Sometimes animals really have a special ability to help and protect each other — no matter their species or size, something we humans should learn from.

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