Kids left puppy covered in industrial glue to die – but he refused to give up

A puppy’s only wish is to have lots of hugs, kisses, treats, and of course, lots of playtime.

Unfortunately, not all puppies are cared for in the way that they should be.

Perhaps there is no better example of that then Pascal, a puppy left to die after being tortured by kids in Turkey.

Source: He’Art of Rescue International/YouTube Screenshot

He was suffering so much and he was alone in an industrial building.

He was just four months old.

He was still a baby but, looking at his condition, you’d think that this puppy would never be able to trust any human ever again.

Source: He’Art of Rescue International/YouTube Screenshot

He was a stray puppy that came to the wrong place at exactly the wrong time.

There, in the old industrial building, were 2 twisted kids who had taken Pascal.

They weren’t planning on petting him or giving him hugs. They took him to make him suffer.

Source: He’Art of Rescue International/YouTube Screenshot

According to the rescuers, Pascal suffered terrible things from the hands of these kids.

They tortured him and when they were done, they poured industrial glue on him and left him to die.

Pascal’s body stiffened as the industrial glue acted as a cement.

The only thing that he could move was his tongue.

Source: He’Art of Rescue International/YouTube Screenshot

Pascal would have died alone but, thankfully, his rescuers were able to find him.

They immediately brought the poor puppy to He’Art of Rescue that was located in Istanbul.

The staff was so sad when they saw him, they immediately acted and they began shaving his fur. It was the only way to help him.

Source: He’Art of Rescue International/YouTube Screenshot

After the procedure, they saw that Pascal’s skin was completely raw and had red wounds.

Aside from that, the poor pup also suffered chemical burns.

The most heartbreaking part of his ordeal, however, was that he was now traumatized.

He didn’t trust anyone, but everyone understood why.

Source: He’Art of Rescue International/YouTube Screenshot

The staff had to give Pascal a series of medicated baths and treatments. Of course, their other priority was to show him that humans can still be trusted.

Poor Pascal only began trusting one person; his vet.

Source: He’Art of Rescue International/Faceboo

They were determined to show Pascal what love means.

After a few months, Pascal showed that he had a strong will to survive.

His wounds started to heal and a beautiful coat of fur started coming back again.

He was also beginning to trust humans again.

Source: He’Art of Rescue International/Facebook

When he was ready physically and emotionally, he was put up for adoption.

Just shortly after, he found his forever home in Spain.

Right now, Pascal is as beautiful as ever, living happily and peacefully with his family and his fur sibling.

He can run freely and enjoy the warm breeze of the beach as well as getting all the love and kisses that he needs.

Source: He’Art of Rescue International/Facebook

Pascal was able to erase the harsh and traumatic experience that he had, and he was able to fight for his life.

Now, he is living the best life ever and he knows that not all humans are hateful.

Don’t forget to watch the video update of He’Art of Rescue on saving Pascal below.

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