UPDATE: Broken-hearted Tommie Bear returned to shelter again and now he just mopes

In Houston, Texas, Tommie Bear peacefully snoozes on his bed and seldom notices people passing by his caged refuge. The heartbroken puppy was delivered back to Harris County Pets after only a few months.

In June 2020, a stray named Tommie Bear entered the shelter; he was microchipped and had been placed on a contact owner hold for six days. The dog had two potential adopters, but the first family who took him in either let him run free or brought him back to the shelter.
Thus, Tommie Bear ends up as a depressed and unhappy pup four months later, knowing that he is back at the shelter, surrounded by loud noises, strange people, and an uncertain future. Tommie Bear has had little human contact or positive behavioral reinforcement.

“… The adopter thinks he develops an unhealthy level of possessiveness toward the person-owner and may not be suitable around children. This breed of dog, in particular, needs regular guidance and leadership.

Since adopters don’t have the necessary experience and Tommie doesn’t deserve to be put down once more in this manner, a shelter volunteer said, “It makes me sad and disturbed, and that’s why I believe he needs a rescue to oversee his adoption this time.”

Here are some notes from Tommie Bear’s misfortune about the shelter:

LAST UPDATE 10/22: TOMMIE KS THE BEAR, WHO HAD BEEN ADOPTED JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO, HAS RETURNED! He needs a new house, preferably a lovely one! Give me one more, please!

UPDATE 7/9: We regret to report that Tommie does not appear to be departing at this time. We’re not sure why the email indicated he was adopted yesterday, but he is currently back on adoption hold, so we are still awaiting the decision. In order to keep everyone informed, I’ll get in touch tomorrow.

-UPDATE 7/6: He is still waiting to be adopted. Since he hasn’t yet left the shelter, we’ll keep an eye on his status until he finds a home.

-UPDATE 6/29: Tommy is still waiting for his adoption, but there are two people in line behind him.

The most significant aspect of the entire narrative is that Tommy was adopted by a decent family that loved and respected him as a true part of the family.

“My family and I just recently got our bear, and he’s doing great!” Tommie Bear’s new mom stated, “He’s a gigantic cuddling bear, and his name fits him beautifully.

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