Pittie Mama About To Give Birth Staggers Up To Rescuers And Begs For Help

A man saw a poor little pittie hanging by the field near his house. The man was worried about the pittie and knew he had to help her.

So he sent an email out to Hope for Paws.
He told the rescue organization, which is known for helping animals suffering on the streets or in the wild, that a very obviously pregnant pitbull needed their help.

Where have you been?
Hope For Paws did not waste any time and quickly sent a couple of volunteers to check out the situation.
As you can see in this video, as the volunteers get out of the vehicle, the pitbull comes walking right up to them, as if she’s been waiting for their arrival.
All alone, cold, and with an empty stomach, this pitbull mama-to-be is so trusting of the volunteers and seems to be begging them to help her.

She is eager to leave her dire situation and gets into their vehicle with no hesitations.
Waffles is the name chosen for this pitbull by the staff at Hope For Paws.
As soon as Waffles arrives, she is cleaned up and prepped for an ultrasound so that the veterinarians can determine a possible due date.

Even though she’s nervous, this lady pitbull remains calm and trusting even as she arrives at the rescue center.
As soon as Waffles is cleaned up, the exam begins.
This silly pitbull is so grateful for the help and so proud that she’s about to be a mama, that she literally smiles at the vet who is assessing her.

Waffles cannot wipe the smile off her face as the ultrasound reveals that she is indeed going to be giving birth very soon, most likely within the next 10 days, they suspect.
Let’s go home and rest.
One of the amazing members of Hope For Paws decides to take Waffles home with her so that the poor pitbull can finally get some rest.

That neighbor who set off this whole series of events could not have timed his email any better. That very same night, after all of her care, Waffles gives birth.

She waited until rescued to give birth. Waffles gave birth to her full litter with no complications.
What a great Mother’s Day for this pitbull!
Watching Waffles’s mothering instinct kick in, especially after knowing what she had been going through, is so heartwarming.

Hope for Paws, which is located in Los Angeles, has a mission to rescue as many animals as possible that are in helpless situations and to stop animal abuse through education.
Thank you, Hope For Paws.

We’re so glad Waffles and her puppy found such a good place to call home. What a good happy ending.
Check out the video about Waffles and her puppies below!
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