She was Born With Five Legs And Two Tails, Was Discriminated Against All her Life For It And Lived On The Streets Unloved

Mia, please. She is a stunning puppy with a unique and distinct birth defect. She was born with five legs and two tails, which is an exceedingly uncommon sight.

The only thing Mia’s owners did was surround her; they were unable to provide the puppy with the specialized treatment it would need.

The puppy was taken in by Casas Cunas Animal Shelter, which also looked after Mia’s needs. She will be dewormed because, despite being only two months old, she has a large tummy.
Additionally, Mia has two anuses and two vaginas, and her extra paws and tails are located close to her midsection. As a result, Mia will use her two anuses to relieve herself.

She will first need more accurate x-rays and ultrasounds to determine how to best proceed with the necessary medical operations. The shelter is currently raising money to help her with surgery.
All of the other pups in Mia’s litter have been adopted, and none of them have experienced the same illness.

It is believed the dog, Skipper, was intended to have a twin but they failed to completely separate, leaving Skipper with six legs, two tails, two pelvic areas, and two reproductive systems when he was born in 2021, according to a veterinarian at Neel Veterinary Hospital who treated the puppy.
Mia most likely has the same congenital birth abnormality.

Five days later, Mia’s first of two operations is required. Veterinary treatment for Mia has been ongoing.
It is anticipated that the puppy will live a long life given her most recent report, which is encouraging. Helping her at this time is challenging and expensive.

Animal rights advocates are attempting to raise money for Mia’s anticipated surgeries by sharing her tale.

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