Adorable Puppy Abandoned In A Box Gets His Second Chance

I thought of beginning this article with “life writes…”, but no… it’s not life that writes our stories, but us and the people around us.

Unfortunately, people can be both writers and main roles in such stories; however, while you might have the ability to decide whether you will continue being a part of it or not, little furry creatures like Alberto can’t.

While it’s sad and disappointing that some people have the heart to hurt an animal or abandon it, it’s equally wonderful that there are hoomans who’d give everything just to save a cute animal such as the adorable doggo from this story.

dog found in a box

A Box Of Hope

Finding a little pup in a box, abandoned by the ones he trusted the most, is one of the most heartbreaking scenes for every hooman with a heart.

Alberto, a small but courageous doggie, has managed to survive the harsh conditions of a life in a box in the middle of nowhere with a worm in his eye, which is probably one of the reasons why he was left there.

abandoned puppy in a box

Fortunately, a team of good people from Paticasporayudar, including the kind woman from the Paws Show’s video, found the pup and took care of him immediately.

The woman was devastated by the condition of the doggie, and heartbroken because of the fact that he was abandoned when he needed help:

“Who could have a rotten heart to do such a thing? I can’t leave him alone.”

She begged for help from good people while holding the pup in the cardboard box, which broke my heart as well… to be honest.

However, I was more than happy to see that the next part of the video was about Alberto’s recovery.

With the help of good hoomans, this little fella’s box of misery became a box of hope.

found a puppy with a muzzle

Alberto’s Road To Recovery

Besides being malnourished and in a bad state, generally, Alberto was dealing with another health issue – eye worms.

This type of infection is usually caused by flies which feed from dogs’ tears and lay their eggs within the eye. Alberto’s eye was infected, but with the help of a vet who performed surgery and removed the maggots, he was saved from blindness. [1]

The amazing team from Paticasporayudar did everything they possibly could to keep Alberto safe and healthy. Their joy when this little pup opened his eyes and started eating was huge, which isn’t a surprise considering how adorable this furry buddy is.

the found puppy with a muzzle is standing on the bed

From A Bare Survivor To A Playful Puppy

Seeing Alberto today, no one could even imagine all the trouble that he went through. His playful personality and positive energy show just how special this doggie is, and that it was worth saving him, just like any other animal in need.


the puppy is lying on the couch

He loves spending time with his saviors and other furry friends, running around and cuddling. It seems that he has found his hooman as well… at least according to his savior’s words:

“Here, we continue with Alberto’s recovery going on little by little, but surely, every day, he gets better. My beautiful doll, my love, my tender, small, noble, tenderly pampered child.”

two dogs are standing and looking around

And, I have to admit I couldn’t agree more.

Although this story begins in a sad way, there’s nothing better than seeing an abandoned, sick pup finally enjoying his life to the fullest.

None of that would be possible without such kind hoomans like the people from Paticasporayudar.

crying abandoned puppy

1. Coates, Jennifer. (January 18, 2018.) “Eyeworm Infection in Dogs.” PetMD Website.

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