Men look down while dog tries to climb up steep pit with her baby – then they step in

A mother’s love is incomparable! No one can argue with that. They would do anything to make sure that their children are in good hands.

There’s nothing in this world that can repay the sacrifice that every mother has made and will continue to make for their kids.

This applies to all species, even to dogs.

A breath-taking rescue of a mommy dog and her puppy shows us the true meaning of a mom’s bravery!
Accidents sometimes pop-up when you least expect it, just like this one.

A mother dog and her puppy were trapped down in a water pit covered by a tarp, and they were in desperate need of help.

They tried climbing back up to safe ground, but the tarp was just too slippery and it kept sending them sliding back down below. They were wet and probably tired, and they didn’t know what else to do to save themselves.

So the mighty mommy dog used the only tool left in her arsenal; her voice.
She knew she couldn’t make it up the pit alone, so she cried out for help and some heroes came to her call.

A group of men who appeared to be from a rescue team came in as fast as they could to save to the poor dogs. As soon as they arrived, the mommy dog couldn’t help but cry of happiness.

She knew that they were there to help them. She kept wagging her tail like a hurricane and her hopes were definitely lifted high. The nervous mom was finally given some peace knowing all would soon be well.

The guys were ready.

One man strapped himself up, connected to a thick rope. He then went down to where the trapped dogs were and as soon as he reached them, he was immediately greeted by the excited mother.

She immediately showed her heartfelt gratitude.

They secured the pup first.
He grabbed the puppy and hugged it with the utmost care, then the other two guys above who were holding the other end of the rope pulled them up with all of their strengths.

They were able to bring the pup up to safe ground without issue. Then, it was her mother’s turn to be saved.

The man went back down and grabbed the mommy dog and brought her up to safety.
As soon as she touched the ground, she rushed to her baby to make sure that she was safe.

They were dirty and wet, but safe.
The good thing was that they weren’t injured. It was a heart-stopping rescue mission.

Although they wonder how they ended up in such a dangerous situation, they were ultimately just glad that they were able to help.

To them, no life is more important than the other, because every life matters.

The rescue is like a scene from a movie.
May this become an eye-opener to all rescuers, volunteers, or even ordinary people. Every dog’s life matters, regardless of their age, breed, and medical condition.

They all deserve to live a beautiful life, just like us humans.

Watch the heart-pounding rescue of mommy dog and her pup in the video below.
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