Her puppy was dying, desperate mother needed help to save his life…

A puppy was struggling to survive in hot, humid weather on a summer’s day. The pup was weakened due to shortness of breath and insufficient nutrition in her abdomen. Her mother was wandering around helplessly, doing everything she could to save her cub.

However, over time, the pup weakened and began to have difficulty breathing. His mother continued to lick him helplessly, but no matter how hard he tried, the cub had now lost its fight for life. His mother tried desperately to keep him alive, but unfortunately failed.

The mother could not bear the loss of her baby, and worse still, her own life was in danger. Wandering around weak and tired, the dog knew he needed help to survive. However, desperately, she could not contact anyone. At that moment, a man walking on the street noticed the dog’s condition and stopped to help him.

The man knew that because of the dog’s weakness, he needed urgent medical attention to survive. He immediately pulled out his phone and called a local animal rescue organization for help. Teams immediately descended on the field to assess the dog’s condition. They were examining the dog and came up with a quick plan to intervene.

The dog needed emergency medical care. First aid was administered and he was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic. Veterinarians stated that the dog’s condition was very critical and said that he needed to be operated immediately. Since the dog had to be anesthetized, a special medicine was given to put him to sleep.

The operation took quite a long time, but in the end the dog came out successfully. The vets were happy to have saved his life, but the dog still had a long way to go for his recovery. The dog had to stay at the clinic for a few more days and a suitable home had to be sought so that he could receive adequate care and treatment.

Dogs are one of the most beloved and loyal pets of humans. However, sometimes their lives can be endangered due to natural disasters or diseases. In such cases, quick action is necessary to save the dogs’ lives. This story tells the drama of a helpless dog mother and her pups left to die.

The dog mother was a stray dog named Bella. Bella often wandered around the neighborhood in search of food. One day, while walking down the street, she collided with a car. Bella quickly crawled to the side and writhed in pain. Meanwhile, the puppies of the dog were sleeping right next to him. The driver, who got out of the car, was shocked to see Bella and took her to a vet immediately. However, she forgot to release the cubs.

Bella’s condition was serious and she was in intensive care for several days. Their cubs were left alone on the street. At first, the cubs waited in silence for several hours. However, they felt they were starving when they realized that Bella would not be back. It was heartbreaking for the puppies to hug each other and seek warmth. Meanwhile, an animal-loving dog owner noticed the puppies and took them home.

However, the puppies were in very poor health and many had died within a few days. To inquire about the puppies’ condition, the pet dog owner contacted a local veterinarian. The vet said the puppies were dying from extreme hunger and cold. However, the animal-loving dog owner wanted to do everything he could to save one last pup.

The animal-loving owner wasted no time in warming up the puppy and giving him fluids. However, the cub was still too weak to survive and had frequent breathing difficulties. The pup’s health deteriorated rapidly and it was necessary to take him to the vet. However, the animal-loving dog owner did not have enough money to save the puppy.

To save the puppy, the animal-loving dog owner started a social media fundraiser.

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