Mother dog helps rescuers dig for her buried puppies.

What a great story that shows there is nothing like a mother’s instinct to see that her babies are safe. The intensity of this mother dog leaves us speechless as she even tried to bite through the rocks to get at her babies. The rescuers of course did a great job in understanding what was going on with the mother. This is truly a heart melting story with a great ending!

t’s amazing to me…the whole story! Mother dog – without being able to talk – alerts rescue team in the nick of time to rescue her hidden babies buried, out of sight and beneath debris and rubble of a collapsed building, in time so that they are rescued safely and returned to her side. Just amazing. You guys deserve some kind of award. Much thanks from the United States! ❤

his must be the most emotional rescue I’ve even seen, I can’t stop crying, the mother wasn’t going to give up and neither was the rescuer, thank goodness for people like this saviour, thank you for not giving up, bless you all.

What a loving and special momma, she’s so brave and strong.🤗🤩 Best mom ever.💯🥰 I’m bawling like a baby.😭May she and her babies always be safe , happy and healthy.🙏❤ Thanks to all you amazing people who rescues and cherish theses vulnerable creatures.🙏❤Very Extremely Heartening! The love shown by the mother dog is in-comparable while the same love shown by the rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited, India to same the couple of puppies is way above verbal thanks!! Garland of Gratitude to You Good Samaritans! Above everything, the stubborn will power to Be Alive under that much rubble and mud and so many oddities, shown by those tow pups is Purely Himaalayam! They Deserve the Timely Rescue!!

I’m a certified and trained pro rescuer of animals, pets, and people during disasters and emergencies. This is one of the most awesome happy ending rescues I’ve seen. If anyone doesn’t think how much animals and humans are alike after seeing this video, and why they deserve to live in a loving, forever home being cared for by humans, then you’re not humane. This mom dog is a hero she helped rescue her babies. Please adopt all of them to a forever, loving home and family who keeps them together.

Us humans use to forget that every creature on this planet is the same – they love, they care, they fear, they protect their babies. I wonder why people find it so amazing a mother dog would do anything to protect her newborns. It’s what every mother would do.
OMG, what a heart-touching story. Thank you so much for saving the fur babies. The scriptures say that you know a man by the way he treats God’s animals. I wish I could hug you and thank you personally. But, all animal lovers send you our love forever, and may God always keep you and your family safe where ever you journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
ww poor baby she was bsoo worried about her babies!! What a great mother!! She got the attention she needed to get help for her babies!! those poor pups !! Thank god they survived!! That mother deserved an award!! And she got it! She got her babies back!! halauya!!!
That was wonderful. Such a nice, caring man. That mom was unbelievable, helping to dig, desparate to see her babies. i thought there would be more than two? Maybe that’s all she had or that’s all that survived, but she is content with her two babies and the kindness of people.

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