Days after adopting pit bull he wakes mom up at night and leads her to toddler’s room

There are dogs who are great playmates for kids, but some dogs are so much more than just a companion. They can even save lives.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX23 News Tulsa

A pit bull named Brutus used to be a scared dog left to die in his previous owner’s abandoned home.
It turned out that the woman who owned him left in a hurry when her husband got arrested for drug use.

The dog was tied by the house’s vent and everything inside the house was just a mess.

Dog food was everywhere and personal belongings were still found on the property.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX23 News Tulsa

What concerned neighbor James Chris John was the fact that the dog kept on barking loudly for some time, so he decided to check on him.
That’s when he discovered that the pit bull was left alone.

The dog was so scared and growled in fear at anyone who wanted to go near him.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX23 News Tulsa

James decided to contact Unchain Oklahoma, a shelter built near their neighborhood.

Melody Parkins and her husband Ken from Unchain Oklahoma did not waste any time and went to see Brutus.

The couple learned that Brutus had no proper training which meant that putting him up for adoption could be challenging.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX23 News Tulsa

They took the dog to the shelter and trained him for several hours each day for more than a year so he could learn how to socialize and be friendly.

Brutus eventually learned how to act around people and was put up for adoption.

The dog was kind and friendly, but there seemed to be no one wanting to take him in…until 2-year-old Jason’s family adopted him.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX23 News Tulsa

A week after adopting Brutus, the boy’s mom Amber noticed an unusual behavior in the dog.
She was sleeping in another room when the dog suddenly went to her bed and hit her in the face.

The pit bull badly wanted to wake her up for some reason.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX23 News Tulsa

Amber followed the dog’s lead and saw her toddler convulsing and seizing.

She immediately took action and thanks to Brutus alerting her, the woman was able to get prompt medical attention for her son.

Amber eventually realized that the dog could sense whenever Jason was about to have an attack.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX23 News Tulsa

The 2-year-old boy had a seizure disorder and as it turned out, Brutus was able to sense it whenever the boy was about to have one.

There was another case where Brutus alerted Amber once again by pulling the boy by his clothes and a few moments later, the boy starts seizing again.

The woman is very grateful to have met Brutus – he is definitely the perfect friend to be with Jason.

Adopting the pit bull was a blessing to her and her son!

Months after being adopted by Amber, Brutus got to visit his old home and met James Chris John again.

He was happy to see that the dog was thriving and leading a healthy and happy life.

Brutus is training to become a therapy dog and eventually will get to help more people.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – FOX23 News Tulsa

Find out more about Brutus’ incredible story by watching the video below!
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