Shivering, She Couldn’t Walk Any Longer, Brought 6 Puppies On The Sidewalk

A dog named Shivering lives on the sidewalk because he can no longer walk. Despite this difficult situation, Titredi has given birth to six puppies in the past few months. This means an even harder fight for her and her cubs’ survival.

Shivering’s life is a combination of desperation and hardship. Shivering, once an energetic and active dog, now lies just at the side of the pavement. Its strong legs have lost its function due to the aging process and some health problems. This greatly restricted his mobility and resulted in limited movement in a small area of the pavement.

But even in Shiver’s predicament, her instinctive maternal instincts move her. After giving birth to six healthy puppies, she does everything to protect and nurture them. Shivering’s offspring are a source of hope for her and give her the strength to keep going. It not only keeps them alive, but also offers them love and protection.

Living on the pavement brings many challenges for Shivering and her cubs. Finding food and maintaining security became more difficult. He trembles, seeks help from people begging for food, and sometimes from other people. However, since these aids are not regular and sufficient, they face a constant hunger. Cold air during the night affects both Shivering and her pups. During the winter, Shivering and her cubs seek shelter against harsh weather conditions and hug each other to provide warmth.

In these harsh living conditions, the stamina of Shivering and her cubs is remarkable. Trembling, she uses all her energy to nurture and protect her cubs, despite her physical limitations. Her loyalty and maternal instinct drive her forward and ensure their survival.

This emotional story highlights the hardships and resilience of Trembling and her cubs.

He shivered, the lovely dog named after him, who once ran and played freely in the streets, now had trouble walking. His aging body prevented him from moving as before. However, he never stopped fighting for survival.

Little Shivering was living on the crowded sidewalks of the city. One day, his stomach rumbling, he stepped aside and began to build a nest there. Shortly after, she gave birth to six adorable puppies. He knew that now he had to take care of them, and he was making an effort to fulfill this duty properly.

She shivered, trying to go to various parts of the city to find food for herself and her cubs. Although she had difficulty walking, her mother’s love gave her strength. Every day, he scrambled the garbage, looking for food, trying to survive with the help of humans. People on the streets noticed his plight and began to help him.

Sometimes, he would try to touch people he had seen on the street to provide food for Shivering and her cubs. If he could soften someone’s heart, that person would give him something so that he would have some more time to feed his Trembling cubs.

Titredi’s story began to spread on social media. People appreciated his solidarity and loving struggle. Many people had started to organize fundraisers for Shivering and her puppies. These donations were used to meet their basic needs and for health checks.

A veterinarian checked the health of Shivering and her puppies. He vaccinated the puppies and made sure they were healthy. Titredi, on the other hand, needed extra care. The veterinarian recommended a special diet for him and gave him medicines to treat his old age ailments.

Gradually, Trembling’s condition began to improve. With the effect of his medication, his pain decreased and he was able to move more easily.

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