A Blind Puppy And His Mom Miraculously Saved From An Eternal Sleep

When we want something really bad, we tend to do almost impossible things to get it. To Alex Wildee, adopting dogs has always been a passion, a lifestyle she chose. If there was a dog in need, and Alex was interested, she would go on and beyond to reach him.

Even if it takes driving all the way from Colorado to Texas!

Yes, Alex is prone to such unusual rescues.

But, sometimes, it’s not the situation or the location that makes Alex move and go on an adoption spree. Sometimes it’s the dog.

When she heard about a lovely Catahoula mix mommy-to-be, that was about to be put on the death row, Alex knew she had to do something. A few lives were at stake. Something had to be done.

Shortly before the adoption process was finished, Arizona, the Catahoula mix mom waiting to be adopted, was blessed with a litter of puppies.

A Blind Puppy And His Mom Miraculously Saved From An Eternal Sleep

the puppy is nursing a large dog

When mommy and her three-day-old puppies finally arrived at Wildee’s house, she hopelessly fell in love with them.

puppy dogs are sleeping

But, it was then when she noticed one of the puppies was not like the others. Something was wrong with a pup named Dakota. Apparently, the puppy was a litter runt, and he had a long way to catch up with his littermates.

a puppy dog lies on a blanket

It took a lot of dedication and Wildee’s time to bring Dakota on the right path, to make him like his brothers and sisters. Little by little, Dakota grew stronger, but Alex will soon find out that he wasn’t definitely like his siblings. Something else was odd with this pup.

a puppy dog is standing in the grass

Dakota was cautious. He wasn’t playful like his brothers and sisters. It seemed like he didn’t see well. And Wildee’s predictions turned out to be right. Dakota had visual impairment.

a puppy dog sniffs a rock

Dakota wasn’t just visually impaired. He was severely defected, seeing only shadows and light. On top of everything, the pup was also deaf. Alex knew it will be hard to find a furever home dor Dakota. Rarely does anyone want a pup with special needs.

She knew she had to be there for Dakota.

Fortunately, as Dakota grew up, he proved he can tackle the big, scary world. He became a happy pup, always showing he’s happy to be alive.


the dog sniffs with the puppy

“He is such a happy, playful puppy and keeps up just fine with his siblings! He is also so smart and was the only one of his litter to figure out how to escape the puppy pen – which took a couple of years off of my life!” said Wildee for IHeartDogs.

a puppy dog walks on the grass

Unfortunately, Wildee’s predictions came true. When the adoption time came, no one was interested in Dakota. His littermates were blessed to find their furever homes rather fast. But, what will happen to poor Dakota?

puppies are playing on the grass

“He loves to snuggle and often falls asleep in our arms,” Wildee said. “He’s a silly happy boy, and I know his perfect people are out there looking for him.”

a woman holds a puppy in her arms

After all, Dakota did have some fortune in his life. The story of his rescue went viral. Only three weeks after his brothers and sisters were adopted, Dakota finally got the call everyone’s been looking for. There were pawrents waiting for Dakota!

a man holds a cute puppy in his arms

What blew everyone’s mind is that Dakota’s new family knew exactly what it’s like to live with a disability. They knew how it’s like to be visually impaired, because Dakota’s new dad was partially blind too.

They couldn’t find a better fit for Dakota!

a puppy dog sleeps in the arms of a man

When this Denver couple heard of Dakota’s story, they knew in their hearts this was a pup that belonged in their family.

a puppy dog sleeps in the arms of a man with his head thrown back

The bond was forged instantly. Seeing Dakota playing with his new siblings makes you think he really found the right place under the sun for him.

You can watch the video here.

As for the once death-row mommy, Arizona now lives a very happy life with her pawrents.

a man and a woman play with their puppies

Thanks to Alex Wildee, six families now know what it’s like to be unconditionally loved by dogs.

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