Homeless Puppy Cried Out in Pain After Losing Half His Ear, Thankfully! These People Heard Him

Rescuers from Animal Aid were contacted about a critically injured puppy in urgent need of help. Once they arrived on the scene, they found little Banjo – shaking, terrified, and completely overwhelmed by fear and the pain of his injury.

One of the puppy’s ears was almost completely torn off, and he kept shaking his head helplessly, trying to ease the terrible ache. One of the rescuers carefully approached the pup and wrapped him in a blanket, treating him to little pieces of food – but poor Banjo could hardly focus on anything other than his pain and discomfort.

At the rescue, the puppy was sedated, and the vets began treatment. Banjo’s severely injured ear had to be surgically removed. An ear amputation may seem like a great loss – but in reality, it does not make Bajno any less of a perfect little puppy.

Just two weeks after his operation, he was already ready for fun and mischief – running around, playing with other dogs, and cuddling with his caretakers. He is now as lively and cheery as any puppy should be.

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