Otter Seeks Refuge On Man’s Boat As He Barely Escapes Jaws Of Killer Whale

John Dornellas, a 37-year-old who provides boat trips in Alaska for an exploration company, witnessed a close encounter between a killer whale and an otter. The otter was nearly killed in front of Dornellas.

While on his boat, Dornellas witnessed a commotion in the water and noticed an otter frantically swimming towards his boat to escape from a killer whale. The dorsal fin of the whale is visible as it approaches the otter. Donellas couldn’t believe his eyes when the otter suddenly appeared out of the water and sought refuge on his boat.

Donellas expresses disbelief as he records the incident. He invites the otter to come onto the boat while the killer whale continues to swim around. The otter remains on the boat for a few minutes, then briefly returns to the water before deciding to stay on the boat.

Click below to watch the video and witness a very close encounter between a killer whale and an otter, where the otter eventually jumped back into the water after the killer whale moved away from the boat. It was an unbelievable experience, and we are relieved to share that the otter had a happy ending!

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