This little chihuahua wants no one but the postal worker whom she met once in her life

The little chihuahua named Franny found the right person and didn’t want to be separated.

As this little dog didn’t get along with her owners she found an alternative option. She began making friends with a postal man whom she met once and knew it was forever.

Though dogs are headaches for delivery services this case is an exception. Dan has been working in that area for a long time and knew the residents very well. He was a very kind man and Franny felt this at first sight.

The kind-hearted postman was delivering his usual parcels when he saw Franny. He wanted to strike her and picked him like a grandfather.

From that day on, the daily ritual of a six-month-old dog, immediately after breakfast, is to sit down by the window and start waiting for Dan.

Though Dan doesn’t have any mail for the family he still stops to visit his favorite pooch. As soon as Franny notices the white van of her lovely postman her joy has no boundaries.

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