The door accidentally remained open and a dog that needed a lot of help came up to the guy

His wife woke him and said that there was an unknown dog in the house.

Most people receive permission to adopt animals after long thought, planning, and visiting a local shelter. Then they spend some time recognizing their four-legged friend, and if everything goes well, the lucky one becomes a member of the family.

However, some people have completely different stories telling how they met their pets.

Jack Jokinen from the Netherlands wrote on Twitter that he woke up in the morning and found a dog in his house. But it was not his dog.

Recently in the morning, he was awakened by his wife, who said that there was an unknown dog in their house.

«When we found a dog, it was full of anxiety and absent-mindedness. We had no idea how she got here and thought that someone was in our house. She was scared and trembling because she was wet and cold», Jack said.

The man began to check the doors and windows that were closed. Where did this mysterious dog come from? Well, the only way to find out this is to check the tracking cameras. So Jack did, and it turned out that the magic dog did not appear in the air.

As it turned out later, after an evening walk with his other dog, Jack closed the door shortly before the end, as a result of which she was blown away by the night wind. Then the random passerby saw that the door was open, and closed it, leaving the dog in the house.

Jack and his wife did not drive the exhausted dog outside but took her to the veterinarian, where it turned out that the dog had a lot of insufficient weight and there are injuries that require treatment.

The doctor also determined that the dog is 9 years old and she does not have a chip, so, most likely, this is just a homeless dog.

The family decided to cure the dog, and after a while, she turned into a beautiful girl.

Jack and his wife decided to leave the dog and called her Susie.

Now Susie is a full member of the family, she has recovered and looks pretty happy.

Happiness to you in a new family, beauty!

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