Veteran’s Service Dog Is Given Away While He’s In ICU, He Wakes Up Devastated

Larry is a veteran who suffers from PTSD and Sandy Girl is his emotional support dog. The two of them were in a car accident that sent Larry to the hospital where he spent three days in ICU. Police at the scene had left Sandy Girl in the care of a neighbor, but the neighbor needed to fly to California. Unable to care for the dog, they asked another dog owner at a local dog park to care for Sandy Girl. Larry’s recovery was taking time, and Sandy Girl was lost among the confusion as the story got retold and she was passed from a person to a person…

Believing that Sandy was abandoned, somebody was caring for her and didn’t know that Larry needed her back. Police tracked down some details but the trail was lost. Determined to find her, Larry put up posters and hired a pet detective, Jamie Katz from Fort Lauderdale. Katz’ detective work paid off when word got around and Sandy’s caregiver called to say that he had her with him. Katz told Larry and filmed the moment when they found each other. What a sweet reunion!

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