This excited dog just got his family back after going missing for two years

A woman’s kindness and determination led to an incredible reunion between a lost dog and his family in Tallahassee, Florida. When Jasmine Noffsinger and her sister spotted a skinny dog on the side of a road as they returned from grabbing coffee she instantly knew it needed help.

“I couldn’t quite believe it,” she said. “I could see all of his ribs and all of his spine.”

Jasmine took the poor dog to the vet, unaware that he had been missing from home for two years!

Fortunately, the dog had a microchip, but unfortunately, the vet was unable to retrieve the owner’s details. It was then that Jasmine took matters into her own hands and contacted the microchip company. Happily, they were able to provide her with the name and phone number of the dog’s owner, Patricia DeWitt of Dade City, Florida, 450 miles from where the dog had been found.
Jasmine quickly made contact, and the owner was overjoyed.

“She immediately started crying hysterically and didn’t believe me at all,” Jasmine recalled. “To confirm the dog’s identity, she sent Patricia photos of him and she quickly recognized her long-lost companion, Hambone. Hamm, as the dog was affectionately known, had been missing since February 2021.
Jasmine and the Dewitt family arranged to meet up at a halfway point. And when Patricia stepped out of the car, Hamm couldn’t contain his excitement.
For Jasmine, seeing the dog and owner back together was touching and hugely rewarding.
“It was the happiest reunion,” she said. “And I would do it over and over again.”

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