Sick Puppy Abandoned On Cold Streets Of Boston Survives And Is Now Ready For A Forever Home

Meet Tuesday, a Chihuahua mix puppy that defied the odds.

The six-week-old puppy was sick with parvo and left to die on the cold streets of Boston. Parvovirus is a highly contagious and deadly virus, if left untreated.

Boston Animal Control officers spotted the puppy running down a street in East Boston on November 28 and brought him in. When they noticed signs of parvovirus, they contacted MSPCA for help.

“We immediately agreed to take him and get him into our ICU at Angell Animal Medical Center,” recalled the MSPCA.

Most deaths occur 48-72 hours after the first clinical signs appear. According to American Veterinary Medical Association, “No specific drug is available that will kill the virus in infected dogs, and treatment is intended to support the dog’s body systems until the dog’s immune system can fight off the viral infection.”

Tuesday received the best possible care and survived!
The rescue shared that Tuesday was improving and went to a foster home to fully recover. “Great news! This little guy is expected to make it! Tuesday was discharged from the hospital and entered foster care yesterday, but he’s still got some healing to do before he’ll be ready for adoption,” they tweeted.

After three weeks of amazing care, the little fella is ready to find a home in time for the holidays. MSPCA received many applications for Tuesday and is busy going through them to find the best fit.
The rescue reminds everyone to vaccinate their dogs against parvo and said, “Parvovirus is always fatal without treatment, and can be avoided altogether with vaccination.”

MSPCA is in desperate need of dog fosters. Learn how you can help save lives by fostering at or visit your local shelter to see how you can help.

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