Poor Dog was Thrown in a Bag, Floating on River Captures Kind Women’s Attention

Mysterious Floating River Bag Captures Woman’s Attention, Thing Inside Makes People Scream.

They tried to pull up the bag to see what’s inside! But everyone was surprised and scream up after seeing a dog was locked inside the bag.

OMG, How can someone did this for him? I think this just happened because otherwise he would have drowned.

The person who did this is probably still around, or he brought the dog here and left right away! But what we care now is the dog.
He need to leave there! Do you think that he was scared and got shocked?
Yeah I think it’s absolutedly right! Not a dog but also with anyone of us if we was in his situation! We all will scared.

The dog then was taken to the VET for checking! His body having scabies and skinny! May be this is the reason why his bad owner throw him away like that!

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