She Died In Freezing Cold And Starvation, A Mother Dog Sacrifices Her Life To Save Her 7 Pups

Many people were brought to tears by the image of a mother dog clutching her cubs in her arms, pledging to die of cold to warm them up, and 7 pups that refused to leave their mother’s lap despite being hungry and chilly.

Russia is well-known for being one of the coldest nations in the world, with northern temperatures reaching -55 or even -66 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures vary from 0 to -40 degrees Celsius in different sections of the nation. Stray animals who are unable to find refuge may struggle to live in such harsh conditions.

Children do not want to be separated from their mother.

On the morning of December 20, a snow removal worker observed a bunch of pups leaning against each other to keep warm, the young body shivering and then whining while rubbing its nose at the mother dog. incredibly bad He approached the mother dog and leaned out to check it, but its body had stiffened since then.

The mother dog was discovered dead on her side, feeding her cubs. Theman scrambled to obtain a cardboard box to transfer the seven puppies, but they escaped just as he was going to pick them up. The youngest puppy is still whimpering in terror and biting her mother’s body in it.

The image of a mother dog cradling her cubs in her arms, swearing to die from the cold in order to keep them warm, and seven pups refusing to leave their mother’s lap despite being hungry and freezing, touched the snowman. As a consequence, he went to the rescue station and assisted the personnel in locating the little dogs. However, as soon as they arrived, a snowfall struck, forcing them to leave the mother dog’s body in the same location. The puppies, however, abruptly returned to hunt for their mother.


Fortunately, this was merely a little blizzard with no severe consequences. However, it took them nearly two days to discover all of the puppies.

The rescue station employees noticed that the mother dog was wearing a red collar around her neck, suggesting that she had an owner. It is unknown, however, if it was abandoned or lost. The mother dog perished as a result of malnutrition, weariness, and hypothermia.

Despite the fact that the rescue team and the good guy were unable to save the mother dog, they were able to transport seven puppies to a nearby animal rescue center. After a few days of intensive care, they have healed and are getting set to enjoy Christmas with the other dogs at the rescue station.

Here are a few photos of the puppies getting “dressed up” for Christmas by the rescue station staff:




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