Puppy Rescued Just in Time After Being Tied to a Tree and Left to Die

A puppy is lucky to be alive after a Good Samaritan heard his faint barks in the woods and went to investigate. Kaleigh Wetrich was walking with a friend on a Sunday through the woods after having visited a nearby apartment in Oak Cliff, Texas.

She heard a faint bark and when she went to look, she found a Boxer mix tied to a tree with a garden hose. The hose was wrapped between two trees and tied around the puppy’s head so that he could not go anywhere but stand or lay down in between each tree.

The puppy was abandoned on a vacant lot with no food or water nearby and just the leaves for shelter from the sun. Starving and barely able to stand, he barked at Kaleigh when she approached him as if to tell her he was there.

Kaleigh immediately contacted Apollo Support & Rescue through Facebook and volunteer Steve Basham came out and was lead to the puppy by Kaleigh. The dog jumped up as best he could when he saw them and barked. It appears that the puppy was likely left alone without food or water for at least a week.

Steve said they got to the six to eight-month-old dog just in time, as his organs were beginning to shut down. Kaleigh said she cried all night after finding Lucky. She told KDFW Fox 4, “I can’t just leave a living creature to die like that.”

Lucky was immediately taken to the vet clinic where they ran tests on him. He was severely infested with hookworms, fleas, and was incredibly anemic. He also had a very low blood platelet count, which led vets to consider a blood transfusion.

Despite his weakened health, Lucky’s rescuers are hoping he will make a full recovery after which they plan on finding him a loving home.

Lucky’s fosterer (and rescuer) Steve Basham shared this news about Lucky’s progress a few days after his rescue, which happened in August of 2013.

“I was preparing Lucky’s dinner of AD Critical Care canned food (along with assorted medications and vitamins mixed in per vet.) As I leaned over to put his food bowl down in front of him, he jumps up to my face and starts giving me big wet puppy kisses non stop. Here go the waterworks.”

Danielle, founder of Apollo Rescue, said, “This is the first time Lucky was not scared since we rescued him. He is learning to trust humans once again. Dogs are so forgiving. Thank you everyone for the pouring in support.”

Steve also shared a video of Lucky taking some steps to greet him. He wrote, “Lucky was Happy to see me when I got home today.”

A few weeks later, veterinarians say Lucky is getting better. His platelets are still low but better. He’s also got another round of dewormer to finish off the hook worms. He also gained 7 pounds weight.

Lucky is doing much better and loves playing fetch! In early September he went to his new foster home. Lucky’s rescuer Steve Basham wrote, “He loves it and has a huge yard and even a new friend named Sapphire. He will be receiving more one on one training and attention that he so deserves after such an ordeal. I could not be happier for him! He has an awesome new foster family.”

“It was not an easy thing to do. But it was the best thing for him. He has to learn to trust other people besides just me and this family is willing to work with his current issues to help him to do that. It was a perfect match for him.”

So what loving home did Lucky end up at? Steve Basham’s! He ended up adopting Lucky permanently and the two have spent many happy years together! In 2020 he wrote on Facebook, “Can’t believe I have had Lucky for 6 years already. Time flies!”

What wonderful news!

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