Tiny Dog Breaks Down In Tears When Reunited With The Cow Who Raised Him After Sold Off

Tiny Dog Breaks Down In Tears When Reunited With The Cow Who Raised Him After Sold Off

If there’s something we should all learn from animals is the way they bond with each other. Regardless the species, they are capable of emotions and empathy beyond our imagination. That’s why animals never cease to amaze us when comes to unlikely friendships.

When this family noticed their tiny dog was spending much of his time in the company of a cow, they thought is not a big deal. But little did they know, the two were actually sharing a very special bond. Unfortunately, they realized how strong the friendship between these two so different animals was, only when the time come for the cow to be sold off.

Rookie the dog got adopted by this family when he was just a puppy. The humans always loved him and took care of him, but it was one of the family’s cows that acted like a mother for the tiny puppy. The sensitive puppy found all the comfort he ever need in his adoptive mom and the cow raised him and took care of him like he was his own baby. So naturally, when the cow was loaded onto a truck ready to be sold off, Rookie was heartbroken.

The poor puppy ran out of the shelter with teary eyes to find its mom, reunited with her. But their joy didn’t last long. The owner separated them again.

Watching his dog fading, the owner knew he had to do something, so he tried to comfort Rookie in all the possible, but his attempts were all in vain. It is when he realized, there is only one thing that could bring back happiness to the tiny doggie – to bring his very best friend back. Therefore, the next day in the morning the man brought the cow back, because all he wanted was to his beloved puppy happy! The story did come with a happy ending after the owner realized that there it would be cruel to separate the cow and dog, so he kept them together – resulting in a very tearful reunion.

When the two reunited, tears of joy started to fall down from Rookie’s face.

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