Golden Retriever Walks 64km In 27 Days To Get Back To Its Owners

Newly adopted golden retriever walked back 64km to the place he was originally staying in. It took the dog 27 days to reach its home.
Dogs are one of the most loyal pets, and now a story of a golden retriever called Cooper is proving the same. When Cooper’s owners were forced to give him up, the dog was relocated to a new house in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. However, as soon as Cooper arrived at the new location, the dog bolted out of the car and ran back to his original family.

According to the Metro, the golden retriever had been rescued from the kennels by a devoted dog lover after his previous owners had to give him and his brother George up. After bolting, Cooper spent almost a month on the road to make his way back to the original owners. He walked 40 miles (approximately. 64kms) on foot, primarily at night, with no notion of his whereabouts and no one to feed him. All of this took place as Cooper’s new family was searching for him.

Missing pets charity Lost Paws NI had shared a post on Facebook about Cooper and how they had been receiving inputs regarding the dog. Once Cooper was located and was safe, a person shared pictures of the dog with the charity.

Lost Paws NI wrote on Facebook, “Today we received a call from a member of the public stating that he recognised Cooper from our posts and that he saw him running towards his old property (25 miles as the crow flies) and was certain it was him. We quickly contacted Nigel, his new owner, and around 20 minutes later, a photo arrived in our inbox of a disheveled but breathing Cooper, something we were absolutely elated to see. Cooper crossed main A roads, forests, fields, and country roads all over 27 days to make his way back home from an area he had never been in before. We are absolutely delighted to have been part of his rescue and a story that will live on in his family for generations to come.”
This post was shared on April 28. Since being posted, it has been liked over 1300 times. The share has also received several comments.
An individual wrote, “Aww, I’m so glad Cooper is safe, but it’s so sad that he was trying to go back to the home he knew. Hope he settles in his new home soon.” A second added, “Amazing dog. So sad for him: this whole journey to arrive at the home that placed him elsewhere. Let’s hope he will soon consider his new home and companion(s) as his forever home. Sounds like good people/dog for Cooper.” A third person shared, “He’s an amazing dog. I wonder why and how a family who was loved truly by Cooper had the heart to give him away not once but twice.”

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