Stray Who Hid Under The Tracks Sobs When Finally Placed In A Car To Be Saved

A train station attendant found an injured stray dog and called rescuer Anna Igorevna K. for help. Vova wagged his tail upon seeing their arrival as if he knew he was saved. And once in the car, he sobbed like a baby.

It’s like he wanted to talk through everything he’d been through in life. They quickly got him to the hospital for X-rays that revealed a completely severed spine, a worse injury than they expected…

Vova may not have understood what was going on, but he was a good sport through it all. After a few days, his health started to stabilize, but he still needed acupuncture and a straighter spine to be able to use a wheelchair.

Thanks to his tough spirit and courage, Vova would walk again! The dog continues to get stronger with each passing day, and his new life has only just begun. 🙂

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