Farmer Starts Sweeping Barn. Then Music Comes On And He Bursts Into H ilarious Dance Routine.

Dancing comes as a form of expression because you can dance to the tune of your favorite beat and in whatever way you want. There’s no limiting you when it comes to what song you can dance to and how. It’s all up to you. If you’re feeling energetic and want to get that energy out, choose to dance to an upbeat song. If you’re feeling slow and lethargic, grab your partner’s hand and trance them into a slow dance.

The farmer in the video below swears by shaking a leg or two, and nothing stops him, not even chores around the barn. Nobody likes chores, but Jay Lavery knows that they have to be done, and someone’s got to do them. So he takes a broom and gets to sweeping the barn. But, he does so in style.

He decides that he’ll sweep while dancing to his heart’s content and that’s exactly what he does. The video starts with him showing the viewers how to sweep, and then all of a sudden, Rihanna’s “Pon de Replay” comes on and the scene transforms. The music seems to take over Jay and off he goes, showing off his fun and hilarious moves. He starts to move to the music without even looking up, and you can see he’s enjoying himself to the fullest.

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