Hearts Break for the Roloff Family, Things Aren’t Going Well For Them

The Roloff family, known from the show Little People, Big World, is facing tough times, making fans sad. In a new trailer, viewers see how things are changing for the family.

Amy Roloff, along with her ex-husband Matt, share glimpses of their lives with new partners. They also show Zach and Tori Roloff, who now have three kids. But the trailer reveals that the family isn’t as close as before.

Zach seems upset about his dad’s engagement to Caryn. He doesn’t want to talk about it and hardly visits the family farm anymore. Matt says Zach, Tori, and the kids don’t come by much. Even Chris, Amy’s husband, notices they’re not around.

Caryn expresses feeling cut off, while Amy wonders how to mend things. Zach feels the family wasn’t a priority. It’s sad news, especially since just a year ago, Matt announced his engagement to Caryn.

After being together for six years, Matt proposed to Caryn, and she said yes. They plan to have a simple but nice wedding in 2024. Matt and Caryn began dating after Matt divorced Amy. Caryn used to work on the Roloff farm.

Amy has moved on too and got married to Chris in 2021. Despite their rocky past, Amy, Matt, and their new partners have stayed friendly. They even went on a double date together last fall.

Now, Caryn and Matt live part-time in Arizona and are building a new home. Matt shares updates about it on Instagram and seems excited. His kids haven’t publicly congratulated him yet, but many wish them happiness. Despite the challenges, Matt finds joy in building and living life to the fullest at 61.

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