Woman Leaves Dog Home Alone To Run An Errand, Comes Back To Unresponsive Body

It’s not something many people think about or even realize, but chip and snack bags are a huge cause of dogs suffocating when left home alone. To bring attention to this, a website called Prevent Pet Suffocation was made to educate the masses about this common household item and the dangers it proposes to dogs.

Mylar linings in certain bags meant to preserve fresh snacks can especially be troublesome as they create a barrier dogs can’t chew through. As dog owners, it’s something we must look out for and think about.
Patricia Polacco posted a heartbreaking message on Facebook so others could learn from her family’s tragedy:

“My Daughter Traci lost her dearest dog Wasabi to this…it was a pork rind bag. She had left to go pick up something at a friends, wasn’t even gone 10 minutes and her roommate called. He found her next to the front door with the bag still on her head. HAD SHE KNOWN…… hadn’t even crossed her mind that something like this could happen. None of us knew!!!! Please spread the word. Chip bags, zip lock bags that had left over food in them, treat bags, yogurt containers, Especially the YoPlait, cut it all up!!!! Don’t leave them where pups and cats can get to them. Our hearts are still broken. Thank you.”

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