Dog Witnessed Other Pups Go Home As He Remained Locked In His Kennel

Nicholas, the shelter’s longest resident, stood by as every other dog was adopted. He hopefully waited with a wagging tail, but no one chose him. Soon that hope and wagging tail turned to sadness. Why wasn’t he good enough to find a family? Why had no one chosen him?

The pup was overlooked time and time again while potential adopters chose smaller, younger dogs. Nicolas had witnessed hundreds of dogs go to their forever homes. A shelter volunteer took him out once a day for a walk and some playtime, but it was never enough, and Nicolas never wanted to go back into his kennel.

Regardless of his circumstances, Nicolas adored people. He was energetic and happy, eager to interact with his human friends. The amazing shelter workers did all they could to find Nicolas a home. They posted his info non-stop on social media. They even put his story on the local news. Sadly, nothing worked!

But then, something changed! Watch the video below to see what happens to the dog that no one wanted. And remember, shelter dogs are waiting for loving humans just like you! Spread the word that there’s no such thing as a broken dog. They all deserve the best life imaginable.

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