“Husky dragged me into the forest by force!” The dog dived into the box and took out 7 wet kittens one by one

The 30-year-old Whitney Bralee lives in Menlo, Georgia. She is a mother of 3 and a disabled person. As the woman cannot walk not only Whitney takes care of her but also another loyal helper. He was a 3-year-old Husky named Banner.

Once Whitney noticed something unusual in the dog as he started acting very strangely. He barked, jumped at the owner, grabbed her clothes, and pulled her out of the house. Whitney began following her dog as he had never acted like this before.

Soon they came near the forest and Banner grabbed a box out of the bushes. Soon he dived into the card box and took a small kitten out of there. Then another one, and another one…

7 kittens were so small that Whitney thought they were just 1 day old. Banner took care of them very attentively and she slept nowhere but near his special “findings.”

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