5 Puppies growled, trying to protect the pup from the teasing of passers-by

“In the forest, there lived a snarling lion, trying to protect the cub from the taunts of passersby. During the joyful parades of people, the lion’s proud gaze frightened them. While everyone’s paths were changing, the lion felt strong.

One day, a group of children taking a walk in the forest decided to pass by the lion. While they were playing, the lion snarled and observed them. The children retreated in fear, but one boy boldly approached the lion.

The little boy looked into the lion’s eyes and said, “Why do you make such a terrible noise? You have a heart too, don’t you?” said. The lion was startled and fell silent. The boy continued, “Perhaps your noble stance and strength are really a reflection of your inner fear. To me, I think the lion is also a creature that has fears.”

Aslan was deeply moved by the boy’s words. He tried to make sense of her gaze. He immersed himself in it and began to think. “Indeed, I am afraid too,” he said to himself. “I always try to make myself look strong, but I actually have a fragile side.”

Noticing the lion’s thoughtfulness, the boy said, “Everyone has fears.” “You can talk about your fears and share them so you can be stronger. People can understand and support you better.”

Aslan looked at the boy’s advice with gratitude. Now he has approached the boy and showed his trust in him. “Exposing your fears will set you freer,” said the boy, stroking the lion’s head.

After this event, the lion began to reveal his fears and anxieties in the forest. Other animals also supported him and shared with him. Aslan now felt freer and more understanding in his dealings with people.

The lion’s growls were now less frightening, more communicative.

One day, in a forest covered with greenery, there were five little kittens abandoned by their mother. The names of these puppies were Fırtına, Zeytin, Pitırcık, Minnoş and Pamuk. These five cubs, who had just begun to explore the world, had nothing but each other. But they had something, their connection to each other.

Other animals living in the forest enjoyed making fun of and teasing them when they saw the cubs. Their attitude towards the puppies was cruel and they were constantly harassing them. Instead of finding the little kittens cute, passersby watched them with disdain. But the puppies were determined not to back down to show their inner strength and endurance.

Storm was an intelligent and brave pup. He had learned to imitate passers-by. He managed to distract them by imitating the sounds of people and other animals. Sometimes he howled like a wolf, and sometimes he made bird sounds and drove away the malicious people next to the young puppies.

Olive, on the other hand, was a fast and agile baby. He could effectively protect other kittens with his movements. When he sensed danger approaching, he hurried ahead and barked at strangers to scare them away. His growl was a warning sign to protect the little cubs.

Pitircik was a creative pup. He was able to surprise the visitors by preparing his trap using the natural materials around him. He set up various traps with twigs, leaves and bushes, catching and frightening those who disturbed the young cubs. Pitircik’s growl signaled danger to the other puppies.

He was a petite, loyal and protective pup. He was always waiting near other puppies to avoid any harm to the puppies. When she sensed the coming danger, she immediately warned the cubs and fled together to a safe place.

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