Stray dog waits for food outside a bakery, doesn’t know they’re closed forever

Stray dog waits for food outside a bakery, doesn't know they're closed forever

In quest of food and shelter, many dogs roam the streets every day. The dog known as Jhonny waits around all day for kind individuals to pet and feed him. He is thought to have no owners.

Although the employees of the La Espiga bakery fed him and gave him some of their goods, they regrettably had to close, and now the furry kid waits outside the bakery, hoping that his friends will come out and give him some bread as they used to.
It is distressing to consider how many dogs live on the streets, where they are vulnerable to diseases, abuse, and even starvation. Fortunately, there are always people who care for these dogs. Now they are hoping that everytime people see Jhonny, they will be tempted to adopt or feed him.

Puppy waits for food outside the bakery, unaware that they are permanently closed.

According to Facebook user Amandi Rodriguez Maya, she posted in the Perdidos Perdidos de Tampico Madero y Altamira group that a dog who she thinks has no owners was crying outside a bakery that had permanently closed its doors and that no one had come to greet him as usual or give him food or bread as they had done before.

The “La Espiga” branch in Tampico’s center closed in mid-December 2022, therefore the innocent dog that used to wait or lie down all day outside the branch, wanting to be fed, will no longer exist.

“The person is called Jhonny. He was spotted sleeping in front of the Cuidado con el Perro store in the market, but he mainly waited outside the bakery “La Espiga” because he knew the staff there always offered him a taco, no matter if it was raining, cold, or hot. Now that they have closed, he is still waiting outside for his food.” The dog appears to be depressed, the magazine claims.

Since many readers were inspired by the tale and felt awful about the predicament the stunning Jhonny is in, the publication’s major objective is to persuade others who see him to give him some food. If you encounter him, invite him to dinner; he enjoys little packets with croquettes and occasionally the chick was one of his favorites; but don’t give him a bone because it hurts him, advises the journal.

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