Sad shelter puppy becomes ecstatic when the firefighter who saved her shows up to adopt her

Many of us prefer to offer our pets affection and care, but tragically, there are some cruel animal owners as well, which just serves as further evidence that some people should never be around animals for their own safety.

The owner of Chunk, a stunning three-month-old dog who had lost all of her vigor, was one of those people. Her owner has mercilessly treated her since the day she was born. They simply left her on the side of the road after three months, tethered to a tree to prevent her from running away.

The poor puppy was left outside in the rain, terrified beyond belief and perhaps wondering what she might have done wrong. Fortunately, even though it was just a coincidence, the neighborhood fire crew showed up and found the trapped puppy. A police officer in Sacramento managed to save Chunk just in time on a chilly October day.

The four-footer at the side of the road caught their attention while they were actually responding to an emergency call. The team had to return when their call was finished because there was an emergency and they couldn’t leave right away.

She was particularly affected by the harsh weather; the firefighters can still see the helpless little thing completely shivering from the cold. Little Chunk was chosen to be taken under the wing by firefighter Mike Thawley, who then brought her back to the fire station. Mike and his coworkers gave this sad dog the love and attention he so richly needed.

She was given a warm bath as soon as possible because she was still quite chilly, and then numerous firemen gave her hugs and cuddles.

Though it was immediately clear that she wasn’t just feeling under the weather, she was also dealing with serious mange. It’s not at all unusual to see dogs with skin conditions when their owners have mistreated or abused them. Chunk received first aid from the fire station before being taken to an animal shelter for extra care and, eventually, to find a loving permanent home.

She was treated for her mange at the Front Street Animal Shelter, and they made sure she would fully recover. Additionally, a foster home was established where she could stay until she felt better. Her fur did not begin to regrow right away, and Chunk’s recovery didn’t go as smoothly as they had anticipated.

There was one individual in particular who couldn’t stop thinking about Chunk when she was spending her days at the shelter or in her foster home. Mike Thawley, a firefighter, surprised everyone when he returned to the shelter. The pitbull certainly remembered who this man was since you can see how animated and overjoyed she is to see her rescuer again.

On its Facebook page, the Sacramento Fire Department wrote, “We all just sort of fell in love with her.”

Mike arrived to the shelter with his wife and three daughters as well. And they were there for a particular reason too! The fireman wanted to care for her forever, and so did his family.

The statement continues with a smile, “Although Mike contests it, it looks by a vote of four to one that Chunk could wind up with a permanent home!

Firefighter Mike Thawley and his family visited the Front Street Animal Shelter one more today. Chunk, a foster dog, was being brought home by the gang. Chunk has been recovering at the shelter since Mike and the rest of the crew pulled him from Engine 14 last Sunday. It appears that Chunk will be given a permanent home by a vote of four to one, despite Mike’s denials! We appreciate Bobby Mann and the Front Street Animal Shelter staff’s unwavering commitment to our neighborhood.

After four months of waiting for her mange treatment to be finished, Mike and his family were finally able to adopt her, and they were all quite happy about it.

One of the staff members at the shelter, Bobby Mann, said, “I think what’s amazing about this whole story is that not only did this dog get its forever home, but got the chance to go to a foster family, which we’re constantly searching for at our shelter, to grow happy and healthy.”

Check out Mike’s touching first encounter with this courageous pitbull puppy down below.

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