Pregnant Dog Rescued from Filthy Cage Gives Birth to 12 Puppies — Now the Family Needs a Home

Adira and her puppies are ready for a new start.

According to Valentine’s Second Chance Animal Shelter, the Kansas City rescue received an “urgent” call in February about a pregnant dog left alone in a small, feces-covered cage.

Valentine’s Second Chance Animal Shelter rescued the dog mom and brought her back to its facility, where it became clear that the canine, now named Adira, was “gentle and kind.” The shelter helped the dog recover from her neglect and prep for the birth of her puppies.

To celebrate this resilient mother and her bright future, Valentine’s Second Chance Animal Shelter arranged a maternity shoot with Wild Fyre Co for Adira, where the pooch wore a flower crown and posed outdoors.

On Valentine’s Day, after 28 hours of labor, Adira welcomed 12 healthy puppies, according to her shelter’s TikTok.

Pet care company Pedigree heard about Adira’s story and her struggles before giving birth and decided to give the dog another photoshoot, this time with her litter of adorable puppies. Pedigree is also covering the adoption fees for Adira and the 12 puppies.

After getting time to grow strong, the puppies and Adira became available for adoption, and, according to the shelter, many of the canines are still looking for homes.

“Can you believe these little nuggets are already just days away from being ready to go to their forever homes?! Yeah, we can’t either!!” Valentine’s Second Chance Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook on April 12 alongside shots from Adira’s second photoshoot. “They are all the sweetest little babes and we have no doubt they are going to be the best dogs ever!! 8 puppies are still in search of their forever homes!!”

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