See Oliver a little puppy who was saved by his new owner and they became so close

A small dog named Oliver was saved by his new owner, and the two of them grew quite close.

A small, frail dog was alone outside in the pouring rain. When we looked at him, we estimated his age to be only 10 to 15 days old.

Regarding the owner of that puppy, nothing was known. He was alone in such awful weather, so it was obvious that he needed care and help.

It would be difficult to live alone at that age. Thankfully, someone spotted a small dog and called emergency personnel for help.

When the emergency responder arrived, a tiny puppy was lying in the storm. The cold was causing him to quiver.

He was transported home to warm up after being removed from that chilly location. After that thoughtful act, he felt much better.

Young dogs struggle to maintain a constant body temperature. Fortunately, help came quickly enough to save this magnificent tiny creature. He also received milk and soft dog food.

As long as he was protected, he was just little frightened of others, but that was okay. The dog was experiencing warmth and love.

We are relieved that he was able to locate lovely people who looked after him after spending ten days on the streets. Despite his unlucky circumstance,

He is happy and lives in a wonderful environment. At the end, he has a family!

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