Missing dog walks 62 miles for two weeks to find her way home

It’s always a heartbreaking experience when a dog goes missing. But sometimes miracles happen, and they come back to you.

That was the case for one smart dog, who disappeared but was able to use his incredible senses to make a journey back home.

According to the Daily Mail and first reported by Jianghai Evening News, a family from Qidong City, China left their golden retriever Ping An with a friend while they were renovating their home.

But then they were devastated to learn the dog had gotten off the property and run away. Making things worse was the fact that the dog went missing 62 miles from home.
Two weeks passed, with no sign of the dog. It seemed that she was gone for good.

But soon, she showed up in the most unexpected place — an office in Qidong City!

Ping An had traveled all the way back to her hometown—62 miles on foot over 14 days. She had injuries on her paws and was bleeding from her toes.

The determined dog had made her way back to the city but still couldn’t find her family. She was discovered by some office workers, who said she looked “quite depressed after she was unable to find her owners.”

The employees looked after Ping An and tried to find her family. They posted photos on the social media site WeChat.

Eventually, the family saw the photos and were able to reunite with their missing pet.

It’s a fitting end of the story for a dog whose name translates to “safe and sound.”

“Ping An, you’ve worked hard,” the family said while reuniting with Ping An, according to the Daily Mail. “You just stay home from now on. [We] would never send you away.”

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