At the moment his new mom sees him, we double dog dare you not to cry!

Dog Rescued From Living On Chain 24/7 Finally Gets The Life He ‘Deserved’

Outside on a chain 24 hours a day is not the life for any animal, especially an innocent dog. Buster the dog was chained to a yard that was so tight that his collar cut into his neck. Each day, Buster hoped he’d be fed and couldn’t run around like other dogs.

Fortunately, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) discovered Buster and spoke with his owners. They agreed to give him up so that he could live in a better home. He received medical treatment for numerous ailments, as well as a bath and lots of affection. Despite his previous life, he was a wonderful and caring dog.

Buster has found the perfect family in which to call his own, complete with a secure home, nourishing food, and regular activity. To view the moving image below, press play.

Click the video below to watch this amazing story!
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