Touching Love Bond! Hero Pit Bull Saves Foster Mom From Rattlesnake

But everything changed when Nellie, a 5-year-old foster girl, stepped in front of a rattlesnake while hiking in a Texas state park, saving her foster mother Jane Taylor from a snakebite.
When she was a year old, Nellie was saved from a California shelter by the Final Frontier Rescue Project, a small volunteer-run organization in Texas. Then, for years, she moved around from kennel to kennel until she met Taylor six months ago.

Nellie came to me a little overweight, which made her really cute, according to Taylor, who spoke to The Dodo. She was referred to by us as “our little potato bag. However, that wasn’t how she really looked. As a result of our efforts, she has grown to weigh 45 pounds and is now a pocket pit bull.
When she first arrived at her temporary residence, Nellie was scared of loud noises, unfamiliar people, and odd animals. She feared being touched by others and was possessive of her toys. However, Nellie started to accept her new life due to the influence of her foster mother.

Nellie later showed off how much she had grown on a sunny March day.

We made a hike-up to this enormous granite dome.

On our route from the stroll back to the car, we were traveling through a region that isn’t typically passed,” Taylor said. I only heard the snake before stopping and screaming; I didn’t even see the snake.

Before I could even move or turn around, she dashed from behind me and landed on top of the snake, continued Taylor. Taylor continued, “It was almost as if Nellie was on it, saying, ‘I got this one, Mom, keep going.

Nellie was bit in the face not long after the fight started. The snake was taken away from the hurt dog by a hiker friend who covered it with his jacket and put it on.
Nellie refused to walk and was not moving, so Taylor and her friend picked her up and carried her down the mountain.

Taylor recalled, “When we put her in the car, her eyes were closed, her head was tilted back, and her mouth was open. She wasn’t “awooing” in pain, but it was obvious that she was upset.

Taylor said, “I knew I had to get her to the vet right now.

Two vials of antivenom were administered to Nellie, along with treatment for the bite site, and she was put to bed rest. The valiant dog is quickly recovering as a result of everyone’s quick actions.
Taylor remarked, “She’s a tough dog. After two days, “she was chasing squirrels again.”

Nellie is now ready to go on and find a long-term residence because she is recovering.

Nellie needs a more structured environment to feel at ease, and Taylor is preparing to fly to Hawaii to take care of her elderly parents.

Taylor added that after some time of decompression, the woman had begun to appreciate how much fun life can be. She just loses it whenever we have visitors. She understands it’s time to play when the dogs show up. She now doesn’t feel possessive because she has so many toys.
“She’s so lovely and simply wants to make you happy,” Taylor remarked. She frequently contacts you, says she.

Nellie’s bravery will always be remembered by Taylor, and if given the chance, she has a promising future, in Taylor’s opinion.

“Nellie was protecting you,” Taylor said, “and that’s what everyone says first.” And she might have easily done so since when she’s out for a stroll, she really pays attention to anything or anyone she doesn’t like.
The idea that she would do something for me is incredibly special, she added.

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