Parents Happily Pose With Newborn Baby Then realize that They Can’t Keep The Baby

An intelligence test is a test that uses different types of questions for the tester to answer, and then infers the tester’s intelligence ability. This test was originally given to some patients with retarded abilities for the purpose of medical evaluation, but as everyone became more and more curious about their own abilities, this test became widely popular. Now, more and more company employees , must accept this test…

But recently it was reported that in Oregon in the United States, the state government required children to be taken away from their parents, “just because they didn’t take an IQ test!”

Amy Fabbrini, 31, and her husband Eric Ziegler, 38, gave birth at a local hospital just for this reason, and within weeks their baby was in the “future home” . With permission ,” he was taken to a foster care place for custody.

Many netizens felt that it was ridiculous when they heard the news, and began to complain about the couple!

But according to the response from the local hospital, parents in the state must take an IQ test and pass a certain level of numbers before they are eligible to give birth or adopt a child. Moreover, this is not the first case in the United States!

State officials have told them that they failed the test and their parental custody will be revoked because their husband, Eli, scored a 66 and his wife, Amy, a 72.

The state government stated that this independent law has been implemented for a period of time, and other states have begun to follow up and follow suit to ensure that parents have the basic ability to raise children. Generally speaking, the average IQ of a person will fall between 90 and 110. Interval, because the couple is far below the set standard value, they will question the safety of the children.

However, there were no signs of abuse or neglect in the home, and the state believes that custody of the child should be returned to the couple, who will be left to care for the infant themselves. But the state government voted against it because they believed the couple were “too low in IQ and “too stupid” to care for a child.”

Later, because the national government provided evidence and supported the couple to go to court to appeal, they also legally won the custody of the child back.

Afterwards, his wife Amy thanked her family and friends for their support during this period on the Internet, and wrote: “I don’t know how many parents can endure such insults? But indeed, without a higher education, when we Faced with these situations, I really don’t know how to fight back and regain my rights. Thanks to the national government for their help along the way. What I want to say is that we may not be the smartest couple, but we love each other and have a stable relationship. We may not There is no way to give the child a perfect family education, but we will do our best to give him full love.”

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