“Fat Again?”: Adele’s New Public Appearance Embarrassed Viewers

The singer’s remarkable attractiveness, which became even more opulent following a significant weight loss, is the cause for this.

Adele quit the stage and stopped attending social functions about three years ago. The singer then decided to take a hiatus from her profession following a painful divorce from businessman and father of her son Simon Konecki.

As is common following a divorce, the singer aggressively began to transform her look, with the biggest modifications affecting her body. Adele transformed from a bloated star to an elegant doe with a tiny waist in less than a year.

The British star’s makeover suddenly astounded everyone. The singer was completely unrecognizable! Fans were even concerned about Adele’s excessive thinness at one point.

The artist was, as they say, “skin and bones” at one point, but she gradually gained weight again. Adele displayed the outcome of this at her solo concert in Las Vegas, where she appeared on stage wearing a black velvet gown with an open cleavage zone.


Schiaparelli’s elegant and exquisite design accented the singer’s tiny waist and generous hips. Internet people quickly began to speculate: has Adele truly begun to gain weight again? Or did the velvet suit with the odd belt add extra bulk to her body?

“Adele gained weight again”, “So beautiful, but why are her hips so big”, “Kim Kardashian would envy”, “She looks so good in that shape, the main thing is that she doesn’t gain weight again”, “I don’t understand if the dress added extra pounds or if she really gained weight”, “Stunning beauty in whatever shape she is”, – noted internet users.

The singer has stated numerous times that she lost weight through rigorous workout and careful nutritional control. Adele resisted any operations or interventions, despite the fact that some variations in her look became obvious.

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