A dog and her six puppies were found living in the snow… This mother never gave up on them

Animals can occasionally claim the honor of being a hero mother as well as people.

A dog named Snowbelle, who was discovered in the snow with her six pups near Red Lake, Minnesota, is one such supermother. Despite all the challenges she faced, Snowbelle didn’t leave her kids.

A dog and her six puppies were discovered in the woods by chance; they were living in the snow.

In the American state of Minnesota, close to Red Lake, the animal and her pups were discovered. The nearby Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue shelter received the find right away and cared for the dogs.

The pups appeared to be approximately three weeks old and had spent that entire period outside in the cold.

Snowbelle was the name of the dog. She gave birth to puppies during a snowfall, according to shelter staff. The mother stayed on the scene with the kids despite the cold, and they survived in this manner for almost three weeks until being discovered.

Snowbelle was found to be without milk for the babies when the family was returned to the shelter.

Despite having nothing to give her puppies to eat, she spent all this time with them. But the dog was able to swiftly obtain milk and nourish her puppies because she had food, warmth, and a roof over her head.

Older and some of the puppies have already moved into new homes.

Yet, the waiting list for the remaining infants means that they won’t be at the shelter for very long either.

Snowbelle has been termed a supermom, because she has not abandoned her children in a bad position.

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