Rescued puppy was found with swastikas drawn all over her body — now she’s looking for a new home

It’s unbelievable how cruel some people can be to dogs. We’ve seen too many heartbreaking stories of animals being abused and mistreated — but thankfully there are also kind people willing to give these animals a second chance.

Recently, a poor pup was found with hateful symbols and messages written over her body — but now, she’s in good hands and looking for a new home.

Leslie rescued

Last month, Rescue One, an animal rescue in Springfield, Missouri, took in a three-month-old pup found in shocking condition: her fur was shaved and she had swastikas drawn all over her body.

Courtesy of Rescue One
In addition to the hate symbols, someone had also written “Don’t feed this [expletive] dog” across her back.

“Just when we think we have seen it all…” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

Authorities reportedly rescued the dog and Rescue One took her in, renaming her Leslie and promising to “be part of her journey to a great home” — a journey that started with scrubbing the hateful messages off her body.

Courtesy of Rescue One
After surviving that horrible situation, Leslie was finally in good hands and at peace. A photo shows the poor dog resting comfortably after her bath.

Other animals rescued from same home

Weeks later, the story took another shocking turn: it turned out Leslie was not alone. In a Facebook post, Rescue One said they received a call from someone stating their roommate was torturing and killing cats.

Rescue One and the local police went to the scene, and discovered it was the same home Leslie was rescued from. The roommate claimed to have killed seven cats that month, and had one that was alive but injured. Another cat had recently been drowned in the toilet.

Rescue One took in the alive cat, along with the other animals in the home: Leslie’s mom, dad, and two remaining siblings joined her at the rescue.

Courtesy of Rescue One

Leslie up for adoption

Meanwhile, Leslie continued to thrive. In an update, Rescue One said that “after a lot of baths and time,” all the swastikas were removed from her body, and she was doing well.

“She is a precious girl and we are so thankful to have been able to rescue her,” Rescue One said.

A spokesperson for Rescue One told We Love Animals that Leslie is now in a foster home, “doing well” and “growing and healthy.”

She is currently available for adoption. According to her adoption page, she can be in a home with other dogs and children, and her vaccinations are all up to date.

Courtesy of Rescue One

If you are interested in giving Leslie a home, you can find her adoption page here! Leslie’s littermates rescued from the same home, Nestle and Eve, are also available for adoption!

After surviving an abusive home situation, we’re glad these dogs are safe and hope they find their forever homes soon! ❤️ Please share this story to help spread the word!

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