Am I a Bad Mother For Kicking Away My Pregnant Daughter?

Ella, a caring mother who wants the best for her daughter, Rose. Despite initial doubts about Rose’s boyfriend, Nathan, Ella grew to accept him into their lives.

However, when Rose revealed she was pregnant, Ella felt a mix of disappointment and concern for her daughter’s future, especially regarding college.

Yet, Rose reassured her that she wouldn’t drop out and even surprised Ella with news of her engagement to Nathan.

Life seemed hopeful until Ella came home early one day to find Rose with another man, not Nathan.

Shocked and hurt, Ella demanded answers and ultimately asked the man to leave. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, Ella asked Rose to leave, unsure if she could ever trust her daughter again.

Struggling with her decision, Ella turned to Reddit for advice, questioning if she was justified in her actions and if she should tell Nathan about Rose’s infidelity.

She grappled with the idea of defending her family’s integrity while also feeling the pain of her daughter’s betrayal.

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